Fitness Goals

For the past few years every time New Year’s comes around I’ve been one of those people. You know the ones. The ones who set New Year’s resolutions like: “This year I’m going to work out for at least 30 minutes every day!” or “This year I’m going to hit the gym so hard that by the time the year ends, people are going to ask me how I did it”. I always started off strong. January, I was killing it. I was working out and discovering how out of shape I was but then by the time February came around, I was finding excuses as to why I couldn’t possibly go to the gym or work out (“I just have no time and a lot of other work to do!”).

Around the end of last year, I promised myself that I would change. I wasn’t trying to change for a doctor or for a boy or for my friends, I was trying to change for me. I was trying to get fit because I didn’t want to feel a surge of shame every time I looked at myself in the mirror. I was trying to change because I wanted to do what was best for my body and for my overall health. I was trying to change because I’ve seen firsthand what treating your body badly can do to you both physically and mentally and I never want to have to experience that. I was trying to change because it was always a personal goal of mine and I finally had the determination and the drive to work for it. I was also inspired.

Sometime around the end of 2014 or the beginning of 2015, a family member embarked on a long-lasting fitness journey. At this point in time, I can see how much good that change has brought him. I can see how he carries himself with more confidence now. I can see how much happier he is with himself and his life and the changes that he has chosen to make. That was a personal source of inspiration for me. I want to achieve that level of confidence and happiness and fitness. I want to make that change in my own life.

This year has been different from the past years so far. My fitness goals have not just been a New Year’s resolution that I’ve given up on less than halfway through the year. I’ve stuck with my goals through thick and thin. I work out a few days a week and I  I’ve told people about my goals; people that hold me to my word and don’t allow me to give up EVER. I’ve started to notice even little changes in myself and in the way that I carry myself. I feel good. I’ve reached small goals and while I am still working towards my large goal, I know that I will make it there.

So for anyone who is trying to embark on a fitness journey and really stick to it: starting and staying committed are the hardest parts. You’re going to want to give up. You’re going to want to make excuses and avoid going to the gym especially if you are a little insecure about your body. But! Keep in mind that everyone starts somewhere. Everyone has their good days and their bad days. And also, everyone has their own fitness goals; for some people it’s to lose weight and for others it’s to tone up and build muscle. Don’t compare yourself to other people, just keep your eye on your own goal and praise yourself every so often. You can do this if you set your mind to it!



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