Happiness is:

1. the sound of rain on the window at night 

2. seeing friends smile

3. writing

4. the feeling of getting into bed after a long day 

5. the beach

6. photography 

7. spending time with your siblings

8. hot showers

9. flowers

10. watching movies

11. long and enthralling conversations 

12. traveling to new places

13. successful shopping days

14. singing

15. discovering new music 

16. Parks and Recreation

17. the smell of clean sheets

18. petting puppies

19. wearing new clothes

20. sleep

21. the smell of a brand new candle

22. holding hands

23. good books

24. airports

25. hearing your best friend laugh

26. getting a brand new pack of colored pens

27. hugs

28. artwork made by little kids

29. feeling confident and positive

30. forehead kisses

31. receiving compliments

32. long phone calls 

33. eating fresh fruit

34. celebrating birthdays

35. successful workout days

36. knowing someone always has your back 

37. foggy mornings

38. early morning coffee

39. going to concerts

40. doodling

41. drinking ice cold water on a hot day

42. learning something new

43. listening to slam poetry

44. having private dance parties with close friends

45. the feeling of satisfaction when a big assignment gets completed

46. art museums

47. going to carnivals

48. road trips

49. fall weather

50. when someone plays with your hair 


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