I think we all have scars. One way or another whether our life has been perfect or a complete mess, we all have some person or some instance that has left its mark on our hearts or on our physical beings.

Sometimes the things that happen in our lives leave scars for better or worse. It might have been that former friend who destroyed you emotionally and tore out that piece of your heart, leaving you with nothing but an empty space and a scar to match. It might have been a life- threatening situation that whose memories remain ingrained as a scar on your brain.

It’s okay to have scars as long as we don’t let the scars define us. Sometimes it’s difficult to avoid that. It’s difficult to think that the scars we wear on our hearts and minds or our bodies are not our defining factors because we are so fixated on what the scars mean to us. Scars have this weird way of always bringing up the past. Past events, past people, past lives. But when the scars fade and the wounds heal, it’s important to know that we are more than what the scars indicate. We are more than the person who broke our hearts. We are more than the bad things that happened in our lives. We bear these scars to show that we have lived and learned and that we have so much more to get out of life.

Don’t think of your scars as a burden. Think of them as a way to show you’ve lived your life to its fullest potential. You’ve learned your lessons and you’ve taken risks. All of the best people have some form of scarring.


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