Life is hard.

This isn’t some new or inspiring idea though, I mean, life has always been hard and it will continue to be hard. Life has this really funny way of throwing all of these challenges at us and sometimes it is so easy to feel like there is no possible way that any one person could balance all of these things. You’ve got the emotional challenges and the mental challenges and the physical challenges and on top of that there is multiple of each. It just seems like a crazy idea to believe that there is any one person who can maintain a stable and sane existence when life is SO HARD.


There always seems to be at least one person out there who is capable of maintaining their sanity throughout all of life’s struggles. They’re like…that beacon of hope. They’re the person you aspire to be one day and the person you can only admire and envy until you learn to be more like them.

For me, that person is my current English professor. I don’t think I will ever be able to understand how she does what she does and how she keeps a level head and a positive attitude despite everything. She is an incredible professor as well as a student, she sponsors clubs and takes the time and effort to actually befriend her students, she has amazing work ethic and a life outside of school and work. Honestly, I admire her so much and throughout the time that I have been in her class, I have learned so much, not only about English but also about what it takes to make the most of life. My English professor serves as my beacon of hope not only because I want to major in English and be as passionate about the subject as she is, but also because overall she is a wonderful professor and such an insanely positive person. I hope that one day when I’m older, I can be as positive and hardworking as she has proven to be day in and day out. My English professor gives me hope that even though life is not easy sometimes, there is always an element of positivity to be seen in each and every day.

All of that to say, life is hard but finding someone or something that gives you a sense of hope for the future or even for the present can make life that much more bearable. Hope can come from anywhere or anyone. It doesn’t have to be a teacher or a parent, it could be your best friend or your boss at work. You could find hope by looking at a sunset on the beach or by hearing someone’s laughter. Hope can even come from music, sometimes lyrics or the sounds of instruments strike a deep chord within us. Remember that even though life is bound to throw a lot of obstacles at you and you’re sometimes going to feel like you can’t handle it, there is always someone or something out there to give you hope and to assure you that everything is going to work out perfectly!


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