Living In The Shadows


Usually it happens that the younger siblings sort of live in the shadow of their older siblings. The older siblings have such impressive accomplishments and such refined skills and the younger siblings end up living in the shadows, never really given the spotlight. For me I think it’s the other way around. I’m the oldest child in my family and yet I feel that I live in the shadows of my siblings. My siblings are incredibly intelligent, hardworking, relatively personable. They’re ambitious and talented and driven. It’s not to say that I lack all of the qualities that they possess, it’s just that their efforts are more recognized and praised. 

 The thing about living in the shadow of someone else’s accomplishments is that you can take it as a bad thing or you can take it as a good thing. I choose to see it as a good thing. Being overshadowed by the things that someone else has done can definitely be a positive thing for your life because you can learn how to stop seeking validation from other people. You learn that sometimes the most important and satisfying accomplishments don’t receive praise or recognition from other people. You learn that you CAN be your own biggest fan and cheerleader and that you can the accomplishments that matter the most to you don’t HAVE to matter to anyone else in order to be valid. When you’re overshadowed by someone else’s qualities or abilities you learn that not everyone is the same therefore not everyone can be recognized for the same things. In a sense, taking the fact that you live in someone else’s shadow and seeing that in a positive light gives you the opportunity to break out of that shadow. 

By recognizing that you are more than the shadow you live in, more than the inability to match the accomplishments or traits of others, more than a person to be compared to others, you give yourself the opportunity to be in the spotlight. You give yourself the opportunity to grow and shine in your own way. 


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