A Letter To Girls


To: All girls

* You don’t have to justify your love for someone. No matter who that person is, as long as you love them and as long as you know it and feel it in your heart and mind and soul, your love is valid.

* You are allowed to feel free and to love the earth and the bugs and the clouds and the sky. Even though that’s become a sort of “trend” now especially on social media, if it makes you feel good and spreads positive vibes PLEASE continue to do it.

* You are allowed to have and express opinions. You are allowed to feel how you feel and you’re allowed to share that. Even if people don’t like your opinion, even if no one is standing with you, you are entitled to your feelings. Your opinions are valid and they deserve to be heard and respected.

* Girls with mental illness: You are not defined by your mental illnesses. You are so much more than that. You are so inspiring and brave and no one can tell you otherwise.

* You are allowed to like whatever you want. Someone might say that that’s “not for girls” or that that’s “nerdy” or whatever. Let their comments pass. If you like something and you are really into it, don’t let anyone turn you away from that interest.

* Girls who are non-native English speakers: You are so intelligent and beautiful. The effort you put in to learn another language is one that a lot of people choose to avoid but the fact that you did makes you all the more powerful.

* You do not have to justify wearing the clothes you choose to wear. Whether you are fat or skinny or in between, you wear whatever you want to wear. You can wear whatever you feel confident and beautiful in. You are allowed to put in 100% effort one day and then 0% effort the next. It’s all up to you. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t wear what you want to wear because of your body type or your personality.

* Girls who don’t like school or don’t do well in school: Academia doesn’t define you. You are more than the grades you earn on tests or projects or schoolwork. Grades are not everything and school is not everything. If school isn’t for you, go do you and find something that works for you. There are so many things in this world for you to try, you just have to find your passion!

* If you have a dream or a goal to reach that seems really outrageous there’s a chance that someone is going to tell you that you CAN’T. If you’re an artist they might tell you that you can’t make a stable income by just doing art. If you’re a performer they might tell you that you won’t make it big. If you aspire to just get a lot better and healthier for yourself they might even ridicule you and stop you from your goal. DO NOT LET THIS NEGATIVITY GET IN THE WAY. If you want something you go for it. It might take you days or weeks or months or years to get to where you want to be but you CAN do it. Your goals and dreams are not too outrageous and no matter who you are, you can reach them.

* You. Are. Beautiful. I think society has sort of created and projected this idea that if you are not exactly like the women seen all over the media, you are not beautiful. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and colors and you, my dear, are beautiful. You can look and act and BE however and whoever you want to be. You’re beautiful and you should flaunt that always. Your beauty is inside and outside and all around despite society’s pressure to be beautiful by their standards. Be beautiful by YOUR standards.

* You don’t have to hide the hair on your body. I’m telling you right now, you don’t. For some reason people tend to think that girls are supposed to be soft and hairless and all of this stuff but that just isn’t true. The hair on your body is beautiful and natural. You don’t have to be embarrassed about it and you don’t have to try to keep it out of people’s view. You can have as much or as little hair on your body as you want. Do what makes you feel comfortable.

* Girls who are firmly religious: Some people are going to disagree with you and make fun of you. Some of these people are even going to try to influence you to break away from your religion. Your faith is YOURS. You believe what you want to believe and if people don’t agree with you, that’s up to them. Your religious beliefs are valid and if you are firmly rooted in them that’s okay and that’s not a bad thing.

Although I can’t address every single girl in just this short piece of writing, I just wanted to share a message of positivity. I wanted to share a message that I wished people had shared with me at some point while growing up. I want to ensure that girls know that they are their own people. You don’t need permission to embrace who you are and recognize your own beauty and intelligence and every other positive attribute about them. Though we live in a world that sometimes puts girls up against other girls and a world where girls oftentimes don’t receive the respect they deserve, I just don’t want this society to hold back some of the brightest and intriguing people on this earth. Diversity is a beautiful thing if you choose to accept it. Every girl on this planet is different from every other girl and each one is beautiful in their own way. We should all work to try to embrace the diversity that exists not only among women but among people in general and to create a more empowering society.


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