Ocean of Elegance – Product Review


Prom was last night but before I went, I desperately needed a dress that was pretty but that wouldn’t be exactly like every other girl’s dress.

In my search for a dress, a friend of mine sent me picture of dress that she sort of liked from Lulu’s. I had previously heard of Lulu’s but had never actually looked into the website and seen what they sold. I thought it was way too high end for me and though I was fairly certain the site sold cute clothing, I was a little scared to purchase anything from the site. I did more hunting on there and found a dress that’s technically considered a bridesmaid dress called Bariano’s Ocean of Elegance Maxi Dress ($179 USD). I instantly fell in love with it. It was simple but elegant and it was available in four different colors navy blue, wine red, ivory, and gray which were all beautiful. After quite a bit of consideration, I took my measurements and decided to order it in wine red and, after taking my measurements which were between a size Large and X-Large, I got it in a size X-Large just to be safe because it’s easier to tailor a dress that’s too big than it is to adjust one that’s too small. Also, I opted for 3 day shipping just so I could ensure I would get it in a fairly quick amount of time. 

First thing I noticed when I got the dress in the mail is that the box is pretty cute! It’s a plain white box with the Lulu’s logo on it in pink. Upon opening the box, I found a return label and a card with instructions on how to return or exchange my dress if necessary as well as an advertisement encouraging me to share my purchases on social media and tag Lulu’s.

Inside, the dress was wrapped in Lulu’s paper and neatly folded inside a bag. Upon trying it on, I sort of expected it to be too big since my size according to my measurements was sort of between two but I didn’t expect it to be as big as it was. So, the dress has two “straps”, one that rests on your shoulder and one that’s really just there for decoration and sort of drapes on your upper arm. The part that surprised me was the length of the straps that are supposed to rest on your shoulders, those straps were WAY too long which sort of caused the whole front of the dress to end up lower than it should have. This is the part that’s going to be more difficult to fix in alterations because of the way the dress is made but it’s generally fixable. The other thing that has to be altered about the dress is the length. Of course the stress is too long and has to be adjusted to my height as expected but that’s an easy fix. 

Overall I would say that I am satisfied with my purchase and will definitely shop at Lulu’s again sometime in the future. Though my dress was a bit on the pricier side like many of the things on the website, I would say it was worth the cost. They delivered in an appropriate amount of time and the quality of the purchase was really lovely and it was perfect for prom. Everyone loved how unique my dress was and how simple yet elegant it was. 

Also, if you want a discount, make sure you sign up for their emails! It makes quite a difference! 


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