So close


I always thought I would be really excited to graduate and I am but at the same time the thought of leaving everything that I’ve grown to know and like (love is a strong word), makes me a little bit sad. While I am excited to go on and see what the world has to offer me, I know that I, among other seniors, have been in and out of pensive moods for the past few days. For the past few years we have grown together, we have learned together, we have experienced triumphs and failures together. We have had our good times and bad, we have bonded over small things and separated from each other over larger things and we have come to this point in our journeys where we each must go our separate ways. 
As this time of our lives comes to a close, it’s hard to avoid being pensive. While we feel the joy and excitement of finally being done with all the trials and tribulations we have had to face to make it this far, we also spend a significant amount of time feeling the sadness that comes with the uncertainty of the future and of the possibility that these bonds we have formed will last for life. Amidst the buzz that comes with waiting impatiently to graduate, there are also the quiet moments where we all just sit and let reality hit us and with each passing day the sad realities of adulthood and of life after this come and consume our minds. 


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