A Short Appreciation Post


As I sort of established in my first post on this blog, I am in a long distance relationship. Lately, I’ve been looking into sending my boyfriend a really cool gift mostly for fun but also because we’re coming up on an anniversary soon. Maybe the gift won’t be something that breaks the bank or anything like that but I really would like it to be a gift that can put a smile on his face despite the distance. I’ve been going on sites like Pinterest and Tumblr and gathering what I think are the best and most doable ideas for me. 

I’ve been really appreciative of these communities because there are always people willing to share ideas and suggestions with other people that they don’t even know. Some people will share more playful ideas while others will share more serious ideas and either way, you can get an incredible end result from their suggestions. Personally, I’ve been working with suggestions from both the playful side and the more serious side. I want to put a smile on my boyfriend’s face by sending the goofy things but I also want to let him know that I really do care about him deeply and I want him to remember that I’m always there for him in spirit when we aren’t physically together. 

So in short, this post is just meant to appreciate anyone who has shared something on communities such as Pinterest or Tumblr and who has communicated with another person to give them inspiration. Also, if anyone has any ideas of what good gifts would be, feel free to leave them in the comments! I love hearing what other people suggest! 


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