Your Source of Happiness


Today, while scrolling Twitter, I came across this post that someone I follow had written on The Odyssey. In her post, the author was describing how now, a little more than two months after her breakup with her longtime boyfriend, she has recovered from the sadness of the breakup. The author writes how she took the past two months to grieve over the end of her relationship and to work on herself and while she admits to still getting sad sometimes, she realizes that this breakup was for the better. The post goes on to describe how the author has taken this breakup in stride and focused more on the things she likes to do. The breakup has led to a change in mindset, now she provides her own source of happiness rather than relying on someone else to be that source of happiness for her. Reading this article really made me think about the implications of a relationship.

When you are in a longtime relationship, it is so easy to feel like you are connected at the hip to that person; you want to spend a bunch of time with them, you wish they were there with you sharing every experience and every moment of the day. The thing is, when you’re in a longtime relationship it is so easy to forget that you are your own source of happiness. You become so used to having that person there to support you and to cheer you on when you are in a long term relationship, that if something ends up happening and that relationship ends, you’ve forgotten how to make yourself happy.

People don’t usually realize when they have gotten to this point. To the point where they have abandoned the things that they used to do to make themselves happy and instead replaced these hobbies and interests with their significant other. It’s only when the relationship ends that this harsh realization comes to light and honestly that is so sad to me. A relationship is meant to allow you to grow and flourish alongside another person and of course everyone changes over time and you may lose interest in some things and gain interest in others, but it is so important to always remember who you are without the other person. You are not defined by your relationship or your significant other, you are your own individual with interests and passions and hobbies. Being in a relationship shouldn’t cause you to stop doing what you love and if it does, just realize that you are your own source of happiness and no matter what, you can make yourself happy again.


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