Success is something that everyone wants and though the definition of success varies from person to person, the goal is to be successful. Some people seem to be unstoppable when it comes to being successful; they seem to just effortlessly attain every goal that they set and from an outsider perspective that seems unfair. Why should others become successful so easily while we struggle to even succeed in our miniscule goals?

The thing is, the people who are extremely successful don’t always have it easy. They work hard to accomplish all the things that they do. These people practice their craft all the time. Successful people take risks and they fail and they get right back up and try again. Success doesn’t just come to people who sit around and do nothing. Success is something that you create and define on your own terms. Your definition of success is not the same as your neighbor’s or your best friend’s or your parents’, it’s yours.

Sometimes other people define success the same way that we do and sometimes those people are more successful than we are. A shared definition of success can be a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand seeing another person become so successful is inspiring. You look at them and you know that if they can achieve their goal then so can you. You are just as good as they are. On the other hand, seeing these people reach and surpass all the goals you have yet to get to is rough and can actually be a little discouraging. I mean, they are so much better, right?

Recently, I’ve been trying to take on a new mindset regarding other people and success because while it is so easy to be envious of everything that those people have achieved, envy won’t do any good. Instead, why not focus on becoming an unstoppable force. Why not work just as hard and harder than they do in order to make yourself happy? Why not take a second to analyze your goals and determine if they are really, truly things you want to succeed in doing? Success isn’t something that is out of reach. It’s something that you can reach no matter how you go about it but you have to be willing to put everything into your work. You have to believe that you are unstoppable and that nothing and no one can ever get in your way.


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