Be Positive For…

Sometimes existing and being a real person is hard. There are good days and bad days and we are all bound to have some of both. On the days that are particularly bad it can be difficult to remember the good things in life and the things that you should still remain positive for, for example

  • hearing the sound of someone’s laughter
  • your favorite movies
  • an incredible sunrise or sunset
  • jokes that make you laugh until you cry
  • small successes such as the fact that you got out of bed today
  • hot drinks on cold days (and vice versa cold drinks on hot days)
  • beautiful flowers
  • delicious meals
  • the people who support you no matter what
  • your best friends
  • the memories of your first major vacation
  • learning new things
  • music that just makes you want to dance
  • singing at the top of your lungs in the car with the windows rolled down
  • insanely well written books
  • the failures you learn from


Inspired by the Daily Post Discover Challenge.


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