Unwanted “Advice”

Recently, I came across this tweet made by a girl called Lauren regarding some really unnecessary “advice” given to her boyfriend by the Universities and College Admissions Service in one of their leaflets. Basically, the advice suggested that students entering college should end their high school relationships because “Uni is all about new experiences and meeting new people, so save the heartache now and start your university life as a free agent. Trust me, you won’t regret it”.



When I came across this tweet and the mixed reactions the advice was getting, I  could honestly understand both sides of the argument. I can understand why people believe that you should end your school relationships before heading off to university because of course the university is going to be filled with a ton of different people with different stories and experiences and yes it is good to expand your horizons and connect with others. I can understand that for some new university students, keeping those connections with school friends or school boyfriends and girlfriends stops them from ever meeting and connecting with new people or from focusing on academics. So of course for some students it would be much more beneficial to their college experience if they ended their school relationships.

However, I felt more of a connection to and an understanding of the argument that people were posing as to why you shouldn’t end your school relationship prior to college or at least why you don’t have to. As someone who does not plan on ending my relationship before college, I’ve certainly considered the benefits of staying in it. School relationships can be very strong. Obviously some stand the tests of time where others do not, but either way as long as both people are willing, it is worth giving the relationship a chance to survive in college. As we are all aware, college is not like high school. College means that you’re on your own when it comes to decisions and you are held accountable for anything and everything you do. It’s sort of a difficult transition to go from being babied to having to take on adult responsibilities in the span of a few months and it helps to have someone there to support you especially if that person is one who has seen you through school. They’ve seen your highs and lows and they know how you work. Why not maintain that bond with someone through one of the biggest transitions of your life?

The fact that the admissions service wanted to have a say in the way that students manage their personal relationships is a bit odd in my eyes. Last I checked, students are going to university to pave a way for their futures and to get a degree in something that they love. They are going there to get an education, not relationship advice.



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