Today I’ve heard a lot about goal setting and how important it is to set goals. I think the talks people have given today about the importance of goals has opened my eyes to the huge role that goals play in our everyday lives and our futures. 

Goals can be broken into short-term goals and long-term goals. A short-term goal is a goal that you can achieve in a short amount of time and can actually be a step to achieving your long-term goals which take a bit more time to achieve. Sometimes as people I think we forget the true value of setting goals. More importantly, I think we forget that it’s important to set goals that we have to actually work towards; goals that are not going to come easy but that we have to put effort into. It’s so much easier to set goals that we know we can achieve but that limits the possibility that we can do greater things. 

Today my eyes were opened to the importance of making and setting challenging goals throughout life. A challenging goal encourages us to strive for something better, for something more than what we have or what we know we can do. A challenging goal pushes our comfort zones and leads us into evaluate what we can do and what we didn’t know we could do. Through a challenging goal we can achieve so many incredible things that we never even dreamed we could really do. Goals in general though are so important because they give your life a structure. They give you an idea of what your purpose is and what you are working for. Goals give you something to strive for and as you work towards your goals you become more aware of the person you are and what your priorities or productivity levels are. 

All in all, what I’m saying here is set goals. Set goals that seem insanely out of reach. Set goals you can accomplish tomorrow. Set goals that will take you years to complete. Don’t just sit in silence and let the world pass you by. Give your life a structure and work your hardest to live your life to the fullest through your goals. 


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  1. Kate says:

    Hi! I’ve also just recently learned about big and small goals. I know now that it’s okay to dream big and think long-term but you also have to create little milestones that will gradually take you to that big goal. 😊


  2. A very lovely, edifying and inspiring post. Challenging goals are good indeed.


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