Strut Your Stuff

When I saw today’s daily prompt, I was stumped for a little bit. I was truly not sure what I could possibly write regarding the word stylish. I considered not writing anything BUT because I am trying to get into a more consistent pattern with my blogging, I considered the prompt all day until finally, I was inspired. 

Something I’ve noticed lately is the amount of attention that people give to clothing and fashion. People want to be stylish and I mean, you can’t blame them. People want to walk around knowing they look good and they feel good and others can see that. And that’s totally okay but in my opinion, it becomes a problem when there’s too much of an importance placed upon what is considered stylish and what is considered trendy and when dressing yourself each morning happens for the wrong reasons such as trying to impress people who couldn’t care less.

When being trendy and keeping up with fashion is something you do for yourself then that’s a good thing. If you like going out and shopping from high end stores and name brands then by all means you go and you do that! More power to you. On the other hand, if you decide that high end stores and name brands aren’t for you, you should still get the same kind of praise. You should still feel confident and handsome/beautiful and like you’re owning your clothing. Being stylish doesn’t mean you own all the most expensive things. It means you take what you own and work it and you strut your stuff. Your own personal definition of style and what it means to be stylish is all that matters. You do you and you own it!! 


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