September Favorites

This month I have been really enjoying a few things so for the first time in my life I’ve decided to do a favorites list for the blog. If you’ve heard of or seen or used any of these things and you also think they’re amazing please let me know so we can bond over these cool thing. If you’ve never heard of some of these things or all of these things please check them out. If you disagree with my opinions and think these things suck then… that’s cool too.

Anyways! Onto the favorites.

  • I’ve really been enjoying the Beauty 360 Illuminating Daily Moisturizer. Because of certain acne treatments or sun exposure, sometimes my face starts to peel and I really like this moisturizer because not only does it smell good, it also has SPF 15 sunscreen to protect from the sun rays. Also, it’s not super expensive or anything so that’s definitely a bonus and you can actually shop for Beauty 360 products at CVS.
  • Recently, I came across two couples (Jess and Gabriel, Alexa and Carlos) on YouTube whose content I have been absolutely loving. These two couples have been producing content that not only shows that despite their internet popularity, they are regular people but their content also really strongly portrays their beliefs and motivate people to live their daily lives for something. In addition, these couples have been promoting messages such as standing up for what you believe in and not letting anyone influence you negatively which I think is a great message.
  • Music wise, I’ve loved listening to Illuminate by Shawn Mendes. It’s a great album and I think if you really listen to the songs and the lyrics you’ll be able to tell just how full of soul the music is. The songs also range from more upbeat songs to really chill, slow songs you can listen to when you’re in the car and dramatically pretending to be in a music video.
  • I’ve also really been enjoying phone calls. I know no one calls each other on the phone anymore but I love the personal feel of phone calls and being able to hear the other person’s voice especially when you don’t get the opportunity to be with them face to face.
  • I also just recently got a Mobovida phone case as a gift. It is actually more of a multi-card wallet and phone case. I am one of those people who does not like carrying around too many things in my purse or my pockets especially not when I’m only stepping out for a second so this phone case has been working pretty well for me. I got it in blue and it’s pretty cute, protective, and efficient.
  • Health and fitness has become a huge priority to me this past year so the Nike Training app (which is free on the app store) has become like my best friend. You can customize your plans to fit the amount of equipment you have, how often you want to work out, what days you want to work out, and more. I’ve done the Start-Up training plan twice through because I lack the equipment and strength to do some of the other ones but I really enjoyed that workout plan regardless.
  • Also, for a final favorite that doesn’t need to be purchased, I’ve been enjoying writing in a journal or blogging. I find that writing in a journal is more personal and when it’s done for a few minutes every day it becomes a really cool account of your week and your feelings. Blogging on the other hand is different and it’s interesting to see how your writing develops and changes over time.

Thanks for reading my blog post!

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