2016 Election

This election has been an eye opening one. If your candidate of choice won, I just want to say congratulations. It was your votes that put him in office.

For everyone else who didn’t want him in office, I know how you feel. I think that for the longest time America was convinced that we had changed as a nation. We believed that because we have a Black president and a woman running for president and making it so far in the election, we thought we were all so different. A lot of Americans believed that they would never or that their country could never elect Trump as president because of how different he is and the things he says. As we have seen, America was wrong.

I want to just say that I don’t believe Trump supporters are bad people. Some Trump supporters are some of the nicest, smartest people I have met. My problem here is what this presidency implies for the people who don’t support Trump. The ones who have been targeted and ridiculed throughout Trump’s campaign and who, undoubtedly, will continue to feel the pain of being ridiculed for the next four years. I feel that this implies that they will be targeted; that they will have to fight for rights that they shouldn’t have to fight for. I feel that people who have been targeted by this campaign understand the implications of this election more than anyone and the anxiety that this win means. We all know that Trump alone does not have that much power without the other areas of the government but that doesn’t mean that things won’t happen to prove that even if the office doesn’t grant him that much power, his words will and the flames he has ignited through his words will give him power. My other problem isn’t Trump himself, it’s the fact that his winning the election has validated the negative views that so many people have of others. I feel that this election has been eye opening because it goes to show that as convinced as so many people were of America being open to inclusion and being a “melting pot” and so on and so forth, it really isn’t. Americans wanted change and they figured the only way to get it was like this. People were so convinced, so convinced, that he wouldn’t win that people wasted their votes on “Harambe” and “Hennessy” and underestimated the amount of hatred and exclusionary views that exist in our country. Last night, so many people who share the same exclusionary views and who share the hatred and who believe that this country is theirs and should not be open to other people had their views validated and that is somewhat terrifying.

The next four years are going to be like something we have never experienced. These next few years will show us America’s true colors and will show us what kind of change people can ignite if they are opposed to something that is going on in their country. I have hope for America and for what people can do.


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  1. Kavita Chavda says:

    Eager to see how these coming years will be like!


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