Faking Organization

I want to believe that I am a fairly organized person but I know that is really not the case. When it comes to managing schoolwork and personal work and just generally maintaining an organized environment, I fail horribly. I think part of my disorganization stems from my bad habits. For example, I have a dedicated work room or office that I could sit in and do my blogging or homework from but instead, I’m currently sitting at the dining room table. I have a planner that I could write all of my goals and tasks in but I forget to use it more often than not. I have laundry that is folded and waiting to be put away but instead it’s sitting in a basket in my room where I just pull out what I need to use.

I like to pretend that I am so organized and that I have my life completely put together but honestly, I couldn’t tell you what I plan on doing in 5 hours or tomorrow or next month because in reality, I haven’t gotten to planning it. What I think is very odd though, is that I love when things are planned and cleaned and organized but for some reason, I just can’t bring myself around to keeping my life and things in check. That being said, I want to take this year and make it one where I work on my organizational skills, like really truly work on them. I found some tips for being organized that I am going to record here so that anyone can refer back and see what kinds of changes can be made to really lead a more productive and organized life rather than just faking it:

  • Get an early start: There are only 24 hours in a day and while that may sound like a lot, a good chunk of your time is used taking care of your basic needs such as showering, eating, and sleeping. Getting an early start means you get to use more of your hours being productive.
  • Prioritize: You know when there’s a task that you know you have to do because it’s important but you really, really don’t want to? Do it first. Get it out of the way and then move onto the fun stuff.
  • Plan as much as you can: Planners are there to give your life a structure and to help you manage what you have to do so use them!
  • Set a goal: Sometimes the amount of work you have to do is overwhelming but having a goal will keep you focused. Going off of this, tell one person your goal so that they can hold you accountable. It won’t feel like an invasion of privacy when they’re helping you accomplish what you wanted to do.  
  • If you use it, put it away: A way to keep the house organized is to just put things away once they’re used or cleaned or out in general.

Hopefully, organization is a skill I can master this year and I hope that anyone who relates to this can also master the skill. Happy new year!


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