Let’s Discuss Expectations

Expectation. Believing that someone should or will achieve something.

Expectation. Believing that something will be the case or should happen in the future.

Expectations can have a positive or negative effect on your life because often they cause a bit of pressure. When you feel that you can’t meet the expectations someone else has set for you or the expectations that you have set for yourself, it’s a bit rough, isn’t it? It feels as if you are a failure and you didn’t try hard enough to accomplish what was expected of you even if you gave it your all.

I often feel this way right when school starts up again. University coursework is difficult and although I give it my all, I sometimes end up feeling like I could have done a lot better or I could have worked harder. I’ve always had high expectations for myself as I always received high marks throughout my grade school education but this coursework is meant to challenge me and push me to my limits which makes it a bit difficult to always meet the expectations I’ve set. I struggle a lot with trying to accept that sometimes I will fall short of my expectations and that’s okay.

If you, like me, find yourself struggling to meet expectations or struggling to accept that you cannot possibly be perfect and meet the expectations you’ve set for yourself, I am here to say you’re not alone. Expectations are meant to challenge you and push you to do better but if you find that you’re beating yourself up because you can’t meet those standards, take a moment to evaluate yourself and what you want to accomplish. That being said, if you’re feeling like you can’t meet the expectations set by someone else, remember that you don’t have to be what anyone else thinks of you. What everyone else thinks of you is their problem and if you spend your life obsessing over what people expect of you and think of you, you’ll never be able to move forward and improve yourself. By all means, set high expectations for yourself but never let your expectations or those of anyone else bring you down and make your life difficult.


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