I think at some point in your life you will have an outrageous dream. When I say this I don’t mean like some crazy dream you have when you fall asleep at night, I mean a crazy dream you want to accomplish while you’re awake. Something that can happen in the real world if you set your mind to it. The thing about these dreams is that some people actually manage to go through with them. Some people manage to develop a game plan and to make that insane dream their end goal and to work hard to make that dream a reality whereas for others that isn’t the case.

Sometimes your crazy dream is a little too crazy, you know what I mean? Sometimes it’s too outrageous and it is not plausible for it to happen in real life. But other times there are things that get in the way of you making that dream a reality and it’s like no matter how hard you try, your dream always seems to be out of reach. Over the small break I had from school, I spent a lot of my time watching YouTube and seeing the way one person could influence so many others. I saw how people could start from one dream that seemed wildly out of their reach and eventually accomplish that dream just by doing what they loved. Witnessing this was both inspirational and disheartening. I felt inspired by seeing these people accomplish their dreams through videos and social media posts because to me it shows that even if you think something is out of your reach, you can work hard at it and keep pushing at it despite being unsuccessful and something good could come of it. At the same time, I felt a bit disheartened by this because as we are all aware, many people share the same dream. A lot of people want to be doing the same thing and we know that can’t work out for everyone. Some people’s dreams will never be realized and that’s a bit sad.

This blog post isn’t meant to emphasize the harsh realities of life but rather to encourage you to never stop dreaming. Sometimes one dream won’t work out but you can always get to work on another dream or multiple other dreams. As long as you always have a dream to chase, you’ll never really fail. As long as you’re determined to chase even your craziest dreams and work hard at them and accept that sometimes things just don’t work out, you’ll be set for life. The world has so much to offer you and because of that, even your most outrageous dreams, the ones that seem impossible, can come true.


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