Valentine’s Day

I quite like the idea of Valentine’s Day. I like the concept of spending a day just showing people that you love them and going all out for them so that they feel the warm fuzzies and they feel super loved and everything. I agree that you should show people you love them year round but if you’re anything like me, sometimes that’s a bit awkward.

Personally, I love hard. I care about people wholeheartedly and I genuinely want the best for them but when it comes time to articulate that, I feel a bit weird. Maybe it’s because I’ve always been a bit reserved about my feelings, maybe it’s because I’ve grown to feel like sometimes society frowns upon feeling a lot and doing too much, I don’t know but either way the articulation of such strong feelings is a bit uncomfortable which is why I appreciate Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to be extra lovey and to just show your loved ones that even if you don’t always say it, you do love and appreciate them. This Valentine’s Day, I want to encourage everyone to not just go out and buy the pink and red cards and the chocolates and fuzzy bear but rather, to go to your loved ones and tell them how you feel. Do something out of the ordinary to tell them you appreciate them or you want them in your life or that they have impacted you positively. Perhaps you can make them a cute little treat or a fun card so that they can always remember that they are loved by you.

I hope you feel loved this Valentine’s Day.


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