Stop Caring

When I first started my social media accounts I was really concerned with what people would think of me depending on what I posted. I was really hesitant to post about things that I liked especially if those things were deemed uncool by my peers. For example, once upon a time I was a HUGE One Direction fangirl. When I say I was a HUGE fangirl I mean I went to their concerts, I bought physical copies of all of their CDs, I had t-shirts and notebooks and posters with their faces plastered all over them and I was genuinely dedicated to being a fan of them. However, if you looked on any of my social media, you wouldn’t have a clue that I was even a fan of the boyband. In fact, you would probably think I wasn’t a fan of much of anything. The way I portrayed myself on social media was sort of unassuming, I didn’t want to offend anyone with my interests, I just wanted to be liked. Until I stopped caring.

Now, let me say, deciding that you don’t care what people think of you is a difficult decision especially when you’re on the quiet side because some people think that your social media accounts are the best ways to get to know you without actually getting to know you. So when I stopped caring about what I posted, it was a little awkward. There was one time where a girl came up to me at school in front of all of my friends and directly questioned something I had posted on Twitter or Tumblr or something. There were times when I might get texts or messages on Snapchat or any sort of contact from a person who was questioning what I was doing but they couldn’t stop me because I was free from caring anymore.

Over time I realized that your social media is supposed to be a reflection of YOU and your interests and your personality. If you don’t make it your own, it’s a waste and it isn’t fun anymore. Social media is not life. It does not represent every moment of your life or every aspect of your personality but it can be fun and even beneficial if you put it to good use and I wasn’t doing that. The point of me saying all of this isn’t to give some sort of pep talk or something, it’s to say that’s what my purpose is here. When I started this blog I hesitated to share it with my closest friends, hell, my family doesn’t even know this blog exists because I still worry about what some people will think but in time I know that will change. Basically, just don’t worry about what people will think of you based on social media. As long as you like yourself and what you share, that’s all that matters. Have fun with it!


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