A Sense of Identity


Once upon a time, I hated my hair. Hated it. Absolutely did not like the fact that my hair had to be this weird mix of wavy and curly and black-ish brown. I wanted the hair that the pretty girls had, you know? I wanted my hair to be shiny and always straight or straightened and long and beautiful, but genetics gave me this instead. 

When I was in middle school, right when I started 6th grade, I straightened my hair so regularly that for the first few weeks of class people were genuinely convinced that my hair was naturally straight. Then I got tired. You see, straightening my hair not only took away a good hour or so of my free time, it took a part of me that made me me. When I stopped straightening my hair, I went through so many products and hairstyles and bad hair days but at the same time I felt like I was kind of growing into myself. By doing this I was learning more about how I identify myself and how I set myself apart. 

The point of me writing this isn’t really to talk about my hair, it’s more so to talk about identity. I think in a day and age so full of social media and connecting with others and sharing experiences and bits of your life, it is so easy to lose who you are. It’s so easy to sacrifice everything that makes you the unique person you are just because of the way the world is. Sometimes it’s not a bad thing to grow out of the person you used to be and instead become a new and improved person. Sometimes you learn from the changes you make but if you lose yourself completely then where is your sense of identity? I started out by identifying with the fact that I will never have hair that’s not a curly, wavy mess on my head. It’s a fact of life and as I grew to love my hair, I realized that it’s part of me being me. I mean, I’m a bit of a mess. I’m not perfect in my day to day life the way my hair is never perfect no matter how I style it. It’s me. It’s something that makes me the person I am. 

So that being said, what makes you the person you are? Is it a physical feature or is it something within you? Identity can stem from so many different places and even if you think you have absolutely no clue who you are, I’m sure there’s something that makes you unique and wonderful, you just haven’t found it yet. 


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