In a Rut

You guys, I’m in a rut. Honestly, I feel so uninspired and so negative and just down about my content. I don’t know what to post, I don’t know if college is getting to me or if life is just treating me harshly, but I’m having a hard time. So I figured, what better thing to do than to just write about it. Get it out of my system and hopefully come back next week with something better to talk about.

Something I’ve recently been considering and noticing is that people do not give creatives enough credit. I mean, ideas don’t just fall out of the sky and right into our laps, we have to think them out and mull them over in our heads and plan and do them for the entertainment or surprise or appreciation of others. It’s not easy. I think people sometimes forget that just because we are creatives and we write or draw or take pictures or make art for a living or for fun, we still have to work hard at it. Take for example, YouTubers. Yes, they make money off of making videos that commemorate their day or participating in dumb internet challenges, but that’s work. I mean, imagine having to tote a camera around and even on your worst days, millions of people expect you to put a video up on the internet to show them what you did. That just sounds like a lot of pressure. Or consider artists, my friends are artists and it’s incredible how people disrespect them and want them to just give away their art rather than paying for the things they have created and put hours of labor into. Being a creative is not easy but it is rewarding, maybe even as rewarding as doing any other job. Do you know how satisfying it is to hit the “Publish” button on a blog post or the “Share” button on an Instagram post that I spent hours trying to get and a while editing? It’s insanely satisfying knowing that what I’m putting out there is a result of my work, my sweat, my tears when I’m frustrated or happy with the final product. No one can take that away from me. Not even if I’m in a rut. Not even if they don’t believe that what I love to do is real.

That being said, being a creative is insanely satisfying but when you’re in a rut it feels a bit like desperation. A bit like trying to get things out of your brain and into a satisfying final product but nothing you do is enough or it doesn’t turn it quite right but you can’t place your finger on what’s wrong. I think it happens to everyone though. You’re on a high streak and you’re flowing like there’s no tomorrow and then next thing you know, you’re fresh out of ideas and no matter how many other people’s posts you scroll through or study, you just can’t get something out. It sucks but it happens. It’s okay. I think if anything getting out a post or a piece where you just go on about nothing in particular and it’s messy is the best way to fix it.

I hope you are all successful and inspired in your day-to-day lives. I hope you give creatives the respect they deserve and recognize the effort that every human puts into making the world what it is. I’ll be back next week, hopefully with something more structured.


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  1. Linda says:

    I so feel you Camille. Last week I have felt that exact feeling and more. It was terrible. I completely lost sight of why I started blogging in the first place.

    For me personally, I think it was because I was applying so much pressure on myself to constantly create content that I completely burnt out. My self afflicted pressure made it not fun anymore. So I’ve since taken a step back. Re-accessed. I want to continue my blog organically. Not push myself to produce, produce, produce.

    Not sure if I’m making any sense here haha. But I hope you find your way out soon! And yes! Kudos to all the content creators out there!


  2. Great writing. Needed this!


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