The Beauty of Being 18

This is not a post about the right to vote or the right to purchase cigarettes or being treated like an adult. This is not a post about buying lottery tickets or getting tattoos or drinking alcohol in European countries.

ThisĀ is about the beauty of being an adult….. but not really.

When I turned 18, I didn’t feel any different. It was basically just another day. I easily could have been 16 or 17, it didn’t feel any different to be just barely an adult. Plus, I had math class that day. And I hate math. For a while, I didn’t see why people loved being 18 or why everyone was so excited to turn 18. So what? You’re 18 now. You’re one year closer to death, you can now go to jury duty, I mean… what’s the fun in that?

It took me a few months, but now I realize how great it is to be 18. I get why everyone in high school is so excited to be 18 and why everyone in college considers 18 to be kind of young. Yeah, maybe my 20’s will be better, but I haven’t made it that far. Right now, I’m just focused on being 18. I’ve just finished my first year of college. I’ve made my share of mistakes. I’ve been too intimidated to try out new things at some points and then realized that I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. And I mean, these things can be done at any age or any point in life, but for me all of these things happened when I turned 18.

At this point in my life, I feel like there is so much out there that I can take advantage of. I can learn anything I want to learn and experience anything I want to experience. The point is, I may not be considered a kid anymore, but then again I’m not old enough to be considered a fully fledged adult and I see the beauty in that. I see how important it is to embrace the time that I can call my youth and how incredible it is to have responsibilities but not all the responsibilities of someone who is a true adult.

The beauty of being 18 is, there is so much life ahead of me and yet just enough life behind me to learn from.


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