I’ve been so aware of the number of people in this world who have similar dreams compared to the number of people who actually end up living those dreams and it’s been a little intimidating to be honest. The people who actually get to live those dreams just seem to have so much fearlessness and so much ambition. Nothing seems to be out of their reach. Because of that, I’ve been feeling a little.. almost jealousy lately. There are so many writers and photographers out there who are so successful or successful in their own way. There’s people publishing books and getting photos published and living out their dreams and while I feel happy for their success most of the time, I can’t help but feel jealous at other times. I feel inspired by their ambition at the same time that I feel slightly threatened by their talent and motivation. It doesn’t make sense. Why is it that the people that I should be rooting for and the people that I could connect with in order to understand the varying paths to success are the people who intimidate me the most?

It shouldn’t be intimidating to see other people who found their ambitions within themselves earlier than I did. I think seeing people doing all the things that I want to do and being humble about it should be one of the most inspiring things if notĀ theĀ most inspiring thing. And yeah, maybe at some point in my life I will have a dream that I won’t get to accomplish at all, but if I don’t then I’m glad someone else got to do it.

Having ambition, a strong desire to do something that typically requires hard work and dedication, means that at some point in my life I’m going to set my mind to something and I’m going to accomplish whatever I was meant to accomplish. Feeling jealousy about seeing other people’s ambition or accomplishments is never going to help me get anywhere. So, a new goal for the year? Turn that jealousy into inspiration, turn it into ambition, turn it into something that will benefit me, but don’t let it be the reason for never moving forward.




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  1. Maybe more than jealousy, it is that you are comparing yourself too much? Sometimes it’s good to just step back, appreciate someone’s talent and not bring oneself’s into the equation. There will always be times where we don’t measure up, your only competition should be the you from yesterday…food for thought? lol


    1. Good point! I didn’t think of factoring in comparisons. I like what you said though, about your only competition being the you from yesterday. That’s smart. I’ll keep that in mind lol.

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