19 Things to do Before Turning 19

About a month ago, a blogger that I follow on Twitter wrote a post called 20 Things to do Before I’m 20 where she detailed 20 things she wanted to accomplish before her 20th birthday. Her post got me thinking about what kind of things I want to accomplish before my next birthday. Granted, this is not a milestone birthday for me; it’s just another one of the teenage years, but it’s another year closer to not being a teenager.

So here are 19 things I want to (and think I can realistically) accomplish before my 19th birthday in October:

  1. Fill in the remaining half of the photo wall in my bedroom
  2. Get my hair cut shorter than it’s ever been
  3. Continue doing Pilates regularly (possibly even get certified?)
  4. Buy a 50mm lens for my camera
  5. Start growing a small assortment of flowers
  6. Visit at least 2 art museums here in Florida
  7. Explore a different city in my state and see what the appeal is
  8. Shadow a professional photographer on the job
  9. Take courses in things I want to learn outside of my university
  10. Give a speech or a presentation and have it go smoothly (as in, with minimal anxiety)
  11. Wake up very early and go see a beach sunrise
  12. Start supporting people’s artistry more by watching people’s short films, following less popular artists or photographers, etc.
  13. Plan a trip outside of the country
  14. Go on a legitimate hike or some type of nature walk
  15. Make friends with someone who is studying the same things as me
  16. Plan a really big surprise for someone
  17. Do at least 5 more photo sessions with people outside of my family
  18. Get on a consistent and more involved schedule of writing at least twice a week
  19. Finish reading one of those motivational career books that adults seem to love so much

So that’s what I want to accomplish before I turn 19. Are there any things you want to accomplish before your next birthday or even before next month? Let me know what they are!


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