4 Fun Podcasts For College Kids

I was never into podcasts until the beginning of this year. I started taking a one hour bus ride to my university campus and sometimes I didn’t want to listen to music so I started listening to podcasts. I know I sound like a crazy outdated dad or something but, I didn’t know people could just listen to others speak and find that entertaining or enlightening in any way, shape, or form… Let me just say, in the few months that I have been listening to podcasts, I have been super converted into an avid listener. I’ve actually even become one of those people who listens to podcasts while they’re driving!! I’m not ashamed to say I’ve fallen victim to the podcast craze so here are, 6 podcasts (with links to my favorite episodes) that everyone should definitely be listening to. Do you have any favorites? Share them with me!

  1. Crash On My Couch 
    Image result for crash on my couch arden rose will darbyshireYouTube stars Arden Rose and Will Darbyshire host this weekly podcast where they talk about anything from conspiracy theories to relationships to weird cultures. This podcast is like getting all the cool information and tips you need to break the ice or survive your 20s.
  2. Rookie This podcast is technically geared towards people in their early teens but because it basically intends to help you learn how to be a person, anyone can listen and love it. Tavi Gevinson interviews creatives, gets advice from adults, and discusses the human experience through the eyes of teenagers and adults on the younger side.
  3. Sounds Good with Branden Harvey Sounds Good with Branden Harvey PodcastBranden Harvey shares hopeful and optimistic messages with all of us listeners. He speaks with world-changers about how they use their talents and influential positions to do good.
  4. hey, girl Image result for hey, girl podcastAuthor Alex Elle speaks with women who inspire her and shares intimate conversations with them about life, identity, creating, and more. The little peek we get into a stranger’s life just from listening to the podcast makes it all the more authentic.

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