do you make art

I was sitting in my room at 9:15pm when I got a random message on Tumblr: do you make art.

A couple thoughts went through my head when I read this.

First, who is this person? How did they find me? And why are they asking about art?

Second, I don’t know, do I make art? I mean, I hope that what I make can be considered art. I take a ton of photos and write at least one blog post a week so hopefully that can kind of count as art. I don’t know this person’s definition of art… So I responded saying, yeah, in a way, I do make art. To make a long story short, this person who messaged me asked me a bunch of questions about my writing and photography and what I was into more. He asked to see my writing with no judgement and, oddly enough, didn’t really talk about himself too much. At the end of the conversation, he sent a message that I want to share because at the time I am writing this blog post it has been about an hour since it was sent, I can’t stop thinking about it, and I feel like it has some sort of poetic vibe to it. He said,

“enjoyed speaking to you, love you my fellow artist i hope you make it far in this world, let your gift make room for you, you deserve growth, see you in the next life, much love, stay still xxxxx”

To those of you reading this, that message may not seem like a lot, but personally I’ve never considered myself an artist. I’ve never received such a kind message from a stranger telling me that I deserve growth or that this stranger hopes that I make it far in the world. It’s really moving to see how much of an impact a stranger’s words can have especially when they are positive words that bring light into a world where often, strangers on the internet thrive on being cruel. That being said, I also wanted to take a second to reflect on the art aspect of this. From what I gathered, this stranger writes, draws, and makes music which makes him an artist in my book. The thing is, despite our artistic differences, we had a brief connection. A connection that inspired me to write a blog post. A connection that I can only hope inspired him in some way.
My friends, art can have such a beautiful impact on you. It can give you inspiration, lead you to connections, it can change your mood, and it can change the world. I hope that you can appreciate everything that art has to offer you in this life and maybe, if you’re not so into art, find someone who is and indulge in seeing things their way. I promise it will be life changing.


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