What Can WE Do

It seems like every time I turn on the news or read the newspaper or even hop on social media, I’m alerted of some new tragedy. I’m alerted that some crisis is going on in my country or my state or my city and a lot of the times I feel so helpless. What can I do? Usually, I feel like there’s nothing I can do except mourn the losses, feel the disappointment, and move on.  Something that tells me that that’s not true is the One Love Manchester benefit concert that happened this past Sunday.

I’m sure everyone knows this, but for anyone who doesn’t, One Love Manchester was a benefit concert organized by singer Ariana Grande. One Love Manchester had 50,000 attendees and was organized as a response to the bombing in Ariana Grande’s concert at Manchester Arena on May 22nd. All proceeds from the benefit concert went to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund and will help the victims and families of the bombing.

Take a second to think about that, though. 50,000 people went to the benefit concert. That doesn’t even include the thousands more who watched it live on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. and the thousands of people who are still watching the recordings. That means that more than 50,000 people came together to respond to a horrible incident… and this was all because of the idea of one 23 year old woman. Granted, Ariana Grande is a huge star, but it was still her idea that brought this into fruition. It is still because of her suggestion to host this concert that people came together for a specific cause. If she can do it, who’s to say I can’t or we can’t?

This has shown me if you feel passionately about a specific issue, if something touches your heart, don’t just sit there!!! Do something about it! Make it known how you feel. Let the world know what kind of changes you want to see. Let the world know your message and what you have to say because it matters no matter who you are. We can do so much even if we don’t have a net worth of $35 million or 46.9 million Twitter followers like Ariana Grande does.

I usually sit here and feel helpless whenever some bad news comes in from my country and even though I might just be one person, I know that I can make a difference if I set my heart to it.

What we believe in and what we have to say is so important. You never know what kind of reaction you’ll get when you try to make a difference. The world is yours.



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